TC-I Easy K

EcuPlus TC-I Easy K is a timing control unit compatible with TCI-IKEDA Ignition Systems with two magnets 60, 70 and 89 mm diameter.


• Engine temperature reduction

• Increase the torque and horsepower

• Reduce the torque and power gaps

• Extend the top engine speed

• Fuel consumption reduction

• Engine or exhaust temperature measurement

• Current and previous Run time measurement

• Engine total time measurement

• Engine speed measurement

• Maximum car model speed

• Programmable maintenance notice

• Timing ignition tuning

• Engine failure prevention


The TC-I Easy K improves fuel consumption, as well as being useful to tune the engine to different environmental conditions.


Estimated time: 15min

Identify the switch off and connect the integrated harness wires in parallel to the two Killer-switch terminals:


Technical data

The ECU is protected against short circuit , reverse polarity, over voltage for all inputs/outputs and is also immune both to and from the radio frequency transmission typical of the radio controls.

The case of the ECU is resistant to vibration , abrasion , temperature and water. The special construction and sealing , make it completely waterproof.


Compatible with:


Previous Peak 3/2/1

This feature displays the maximum engine speed reached in the three previous Runs. The acquisition of maximum peaks is very useful for the ratios development thereby establishing the maximum achievable speed (calculated by the EcuPlus Manager Tool), and also for optimize the engine performance. This feature will be very useful during the maps development.

Total time

This item shows the total operating time of the engine since it has been deleted. The value is incremented every second during the Run and can be reset by the user.

This information is useful to determine when maintenance is needed (integrated automatic alert functionality) (see Planned Maintenance) or to determine when to use another engine etc. In order to use a single EcuPlus on multiple engines, the Ecu is able to count separately the total operating time up to a maximum of 4 engines.

The counter can be reset at any time using EcuPlus Manager Tool.

Run time

This item indicates the time of the Run. The counter calculates the elapsed time in all operating conditions of the ECU and counter restarts from zero at each Ecu restart. The count of the Run time is mainly useful to have an indication of the time spent in the last run, or to assess the fuel consumption.

Temperature measurement

EcuPlus has a powerful and versatile functionality of temperature measurement by means of K-type thermocouple (measuring than 1000°C). The nature of these probes available in various forms (also of infrared type), makes them suitable for measuring the engine temperature and/or also to the exhaust gas temperature. The analysis of these two important temperatures, allows the precise adjustment of the fuel mixture and of the ignition timing, really useful for tuning the engine.